The Human Element

It’s hard to believe we’ve already entered the mid-2020s. It seems like just yesterday we were wondering how AI and machine learning might impact government relations. Fast forward to 2024, and now we know: AI is profoundly transforming our field. Routine tasks like tracking bills, monitoring committees, and researching policymakers are now automated. And that’s just the beginning.  

Data-driven insights that were previously unavailable will help us identify key decision-makers and craft laser-focused strategies. At Legislative Intelligence we are experts in these technological advances. But we can never forget that effective advocacy is a fundamentally human-centric endeavor. AI cannot replicate the judgment, intuition, and personal relationships one develops over years of practice. Our mission is to empower–not replace–the savvy advocate.  

By leveraging AI in our work, we can achieve far more than either humans or technology alone. The future of government relations lies at this intersection, combining the best elements of both AI and human expertise. Professionals with strong communication skills, political savvy, and the ability to build trusting relationships will continue to thrive. But the ones who also embrace AI will gain a competitive advantage though greater efficiency, efficacy, and productivity than ever before thought possible.  

The future is bright indeed. AI is here to stay, and it will redefine elements of our work. Join us on the journey as Legislative Intelligence delivers the latest in #AI advancements to the fingertips of savvy lobbyists and government professionals everywhere.  

The Art and (Data) Science of Advocacy

Born of a serendipitous meeting of seasoned corporate lobbyists, data scientists, and machine learning experts, Legislative Intelligence was founded on a simple yet revolutionary insight: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can modernize the profession of lobbying, which hasn’t changed much in, well, ever.

Advocacy and lobbying are still primarily analog, “hire-and-hope” endeavors characterized by labor-intensive research, smoke-filled rooms, pricey retainers, and a lot of guesswork. While some legislative tracking software has made elements of the policy process more accessible, they have not substantively changed how the game is played. Efficacy is still assumed to be a function of money, with bigger budgets presumably yielding better outcomes. We’ve been on both sides of the ledger—as the lobbyist more effective than a higher-priced peer or squeezed by a price war unrelated to value, as well as the in-house government relations executive trying to find the right fit among a sea of consultants. We think there’s a better way.

Adding real value.

Legislative Intelligence (LI) is revolutionizing advocacy by injecting a healthy dose of science into the art of lobbying. The power to process vast amounts data and influence factors empowers you to forecast, analyze, and influence legislation more efficiently than ever before possible. Of course, merely having access to a bunch of data or interacting with a random AI chatbot doesn’t add value to your business. Legislative Intelligence knows that adding true value requires context, discernment, and specialized algorithms designed to navigate the complex world of policymaking.

Legislative Intelligence achieves this level of sophistication with a proprietary suite of AI machine learning algorithms designed to reveal previously hidden connections, helping you glean novel, timely, and relevant insights. Trained on real data, live scenarios, and at the hands of practicing professionals, this simple yet groundbreaking approach helps make Legislative Intelligence one of the most advanced and intuitive tools in the lobbying and advocacy profession today.

Your team of (virtual) Experts.

Whether you’re a lobbyist, compliance professional, investor, C-suite leader, or just someone interested in smarter advocacy, your ability to forecast, analyze, and influence policymaking is key. As a Legislative Intelligence client, you will have access to a custom suite of virtual “LI Agents” via a single user-friendly and conversational interface. Each LI Agent working in the background has been developed to enhance and, in some cases, replace specific components of your advocacy operation. We train agents on everything from legislative analysis, committee member efficacy (is it really the Chair pulling the strings?), public relations implications, campaign finance restrictions, and half a dozen other sub-specialties, all instantly analyzed, summarized, and at your fingertips.

Enhance your Legislative Intelligence.

Legislative Intelligence is customizable, designed, and calibrated by our team to address your unique business and policy objectives. Below, we’ll discuss the core functions of the platform to help you understand what challenges Legislative Intelligence can help you solve.

Forecast: The best advocates see around corners. Identifying trends, whether over the course of several years or within a single legislative session, can add tremendous value by helping you anticipate policy developments, and translate insights into smarter business, lobbying, and investment decisions. Policymaking is a human endeavor, which means one can never predict every outcome with absolute certainty (if someone promises you that, we hear there’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale). But there is a huge opportunity in ensuring your business has better, timelier, and more relevant insights than your competitors. Whether it’s a timely policy forecast alerting you to “lobby up” before legislation is even filed, or a novel insight pointing you to engage the right legislator at the right time, Legislative Intelligence helps you stay a step ahead of the herd. As the saying goes, you don’t need to outrun the bear, just the other lobbyists (wait, did we get that right? You get the point.)

Analyze: A key risk to any business is wasting precious time and resources focusing on the wrong priorities. Existing legislative tracking solutions can help you monitor legislative activity but do little to separate signal from noise. Analyzing legislation in a way that adds value requires more than tracking and summarizing bills. It requires contextual comprehension of legislation, including how it impacts your business or policy priorities, as well as an intelligent assessment of its chances to advance. Think of the “high impact, high likelihood” quadrant of a four-square analysis. This is just one example of how Legislative Intelligence can help you prioritize resources and elevate your ability to analyze policy with maximum impact.

Influence: Anyone attempting to influence policymaking faces the problem of incomplete, outdated, irrelevant, or inaccurate information. This challenge plagues even the most skilled government affairs strategists. Interacting with Legislative Intelligence can give your team a significant intelligence advantage over your competition. Imagine learning, for example, that engaging the committee chair, whom everyone thinks is the key decision-maker would be a massive waste of time. Instead, you used Legislative Intelligence to identify which legislators are genuinely the most influential on an issue and went straight to the source. A simple insight like that can help you focus your strategy on the right people (and interest groups), saving time while increasing your effectiveness. This is just one example of how access to previously hidden patterns and connections can supercharge your influence efforts.

In future blogs we’ll delve deeper into how Legislative Intelligence can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization’s advocacy or lobbying.

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